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Mergers & Acquisitions Professional Certificate, Mergers and Acquisitions Professional Certificate: Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations by MTF Institute.

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Welcome to course Mergers & Acquisitions Professional Certificate by MTF Institute

Course provided by MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance

MTF is the global educational and research institute with HQ at Lisbon, Portugal, focused on business & professional hybrid (on-campus and online) education at areas: Business & Administration, Science & Technology, Banking & Finance.

MTF R&D center focused on research activities at areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, WEB3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets, Metaverses, Digital Transformation, Fintech, Electronic Commerce, Internet of Things.

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Course Author: Igor Dmitriev

Head and Managing Director of several M&A projects and deals, practical M&A expert

Digital Transformation and Banking Expert


MBA, The Boston University

Master of Science at Engineering (Technical) Management,

The State University of New York at Buffalo

Master of Science at Informatics and Economics,

Six Sigma Black Belt


Expert at Banking (> 18 years), FinTech & Digital (> 15 years),

Experienced Manager (> 14 years) with successful track of records

at personal and corporate entrepreneurship.

More than 12 years at worldwide banking groups such us

Societe Generale , Raiffeisenbank

Experience at roles: CEO, Head of Business, Chief Digital &

Marketing Officer, Head of Digital Transformation and Channels, Head of Products and Marketing.

What are Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)?

  • Merger: Two companies of relatively similar size combine forces to create a new, single entity. This is often a move for market expansion or gaining a competitive edge.
  • Acquisition: One company purchases a majority stake or all of another company. The acquiring company gains control of the acquired company’s assets and operations. This can be done to enter new markets, eliminate competition, or gain new technology resources.

Key Pitfalls in M&A

  • Culture Clash: Combining distinct company cultures can lead to employee conflicts, low morale, and a decline in productivity.
  • Overpaying: Enthusiasm can lead companies to overpay for an acquisition, resulting in financial losses down the line.
  • Poor Integration: Failure to smoothly integrate systems, processes, and teams creates operational chaos and hinders the potential of the combined entity.
  • Lack of Due Diligence: Insufficient research about the target company’s financial health, legal standing, or market position might expose hidden liabilities and risks.
  • Loss of Focus: The complexity of the M&A process can distract from core business operations, leading to neglected customers or missed opportunities.

Why is Learning About M&A Important for Companies and Managers?

  • Strategic Growth: M&A can be a powerful tool to expand into new markets, acquire new technologies, eliminate competitors, or increase market share significantly.
  • Responding to Market Changes Companies must adapt to industry shifts. An M&A strategy can be vital for staying ahead of the competition or even surviving.
  • Leadership Development: M&A success relies heavily on the ability of managers to navigate complexity, integrate teams, and make crucial decisions under pressure.

How Can M&A Skills Support Career Development?

  • Increased Demand: As M&A activity continues to be prevalent, professionals with these skills are highly sought after by companies, investment banks, and consulting firms.
  • Leadership Opportunities: M&A skills signal strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a talent for execution – all assets for leadership roles.
  • Broader Skillset: M&A involves exposure to various aspects of business such as finance, valuation, negotiation, and legal, thus developing a more versatile skillset.
  • Higher Compensation: M&A professionals often command higher salaries due to their specialized knowledge and in-demand skillsets.

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