Everyday Empathy At Work, In Leadership, And Career Growth


Everyday Empathy At Work, In Leadership, And Career Growth, Empathy helps with team building, job happiness, and employee retention. The course shows scientific & industry research.

Course Description

Use empathy to grow into a leadership role or grow your current leadership or management position.


See research being done today on what employees expect from their management in terms of empathy. Employees report higher levels of job loyalty, creativity, feeling included, and work productivity when their managers display and follow up on empathy and compassion.


See the latest scientific research on how empathy works in terms of your brain activity and body chemistry. See the latest studies and discoveries being done on this topic.


Learn to listen to your employees and co-workers better by practicing active listening. When you listen and acknowledge people, they feel more respected, their defensiveness does away, and they open up.


Most communication is non-verbal, so in addition to active listening, we’ll also go over body language that you should be attuned to in order to become more empathetic and a better listener.


I’ll also provide you a number of different phrases to use in various workplace scenarios to help you say the right empathetic thing in different situation. Those phrases will range from conversation starters that get people to open up to what to say in meetings.


I’ll also show you empathetic and sensitive things to say in case a co-worker is going through loss or bereavement. Plus, I’ll show you how to go above and beyond, and not just say things, but show that you care with actions.

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