The Playbook for Youtube Marketing


The Playbook for Youtube Marketing, Learn How to Set Up and Use YouTube’s Technical Tools.

Are you thinking of optimizing YouTube to dominate and attract massive traffic to your business?

Understanding traffic is a crucial skill to master. The first thing you will want to know when starting out online is “how am I going to acquire traffic?”. And you have to respond to it.

SEO is difficult to understand, and master, and is always changing.

Social media firms frequently change their minds after beginning one way.

Due to its searchable and indexable features, YouTube is king.

What are we expected to do then? What can you learn that will benefit your business not only today but always? What will you accomplish that will be worthwhile of your time?

You can develop the proper kinds of relationships to leverage.

How do you go about doing that? Setting up a system that regularly presents YouTube video material to your target market is one of the first things you should do.

That is the main focus of this course.

To assist you in Using YouTube’s technical tools and setting them up for a successful content marketing plan.

Below are the details of what is covered in this training:

· Introduction to YouTube Tech Videos

· Reaction Style Videos With GoToWebinar-Part 2

· Reaction Style Videos Using Zoom

· Reaction Style Videos with Restream,io

· Basic Desktop Video Editing

· Autogenerate Subtitles

· Customizing the Home Page

· Channel Customization Basic Information

· Connecting YouTube to Business Activity

· Autopost to Your Autoresponder

· Reaction Style Videos with GoTo Webinar – Part 1

· Reaction Style Videos With Streamyard

· Capture System Audio

· Reaction Styled Videos with OBS

· Creating YouTube Playlists

· Channel Feature Eligibility

· Channel Customization Branding Tab

· Other Creator’s Content On Your Channel

· Autoposting to Social Media

· Creating a Custom Subscribe Link

See you inside.

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