The Main English Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make


The Main English Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make, Taught by a native English speaker from the United States who also speaks Spanish.

Course Description

Hello! My name is Austin from Native English With Austin. I am from the United States and, teach English and Spanish, and have done so to people from over 60 countries, many of which are Spanish-speaking. Because I have worked with hundreds of Spanish speakers through the years, I have created a course focusing on the most common mistakes I have seen native Spanish speakers make when learning English. These mistakes are common because the Spanish language foundation causes a certain approach to English, just like any other native language.

The course is laid out in 20 sections, each which includes a slideshow presentation given by me as well as worksheets for each section to make sure you feel comfortable with the material. I’m also including an individual one-on-one English session where you can ask me any questions through a video call and I can evaluate your English and give you advice on how to improve it. This session can focus on topics covered in the course or other questions you have may have pertaining to English.


1. In/On

2. Be

3. Have

4. Like

5. Misused Verbs

6. To

7. Singular/Plural

8. Time

9. Dates


11. Asking Questions

12. Negative

13. More/Most

14. Of/About

15. Adjectives

16. Adverbs

17. For/During

18. Whole/All

19. Mispronunciations

20. Miscellaneous.

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