PageFly Complete Print on Demand Shopify Design Course


PageFly Complete Print on Demand Shopify Design Course, Create a beautiful POD product page with no coding necessary, then run and track Facebook ads using Pixel.

Course Description

Print on demand is one of the best ways to get into ecommerce, especially for beginners.

The POD model is inherently lean and still allows your to get creative with your branding and web design. That being said, there are certain measures you can take to amplify the effectiveness of your Shopify print on demand product pages.

In this course we’ll go through the theory behind sales and trust triggers, show some examples of different POD platforms and brands, and show you how to build the page with PageFly using absolutely no code. Once you’ve got your product page live, we’ll show you how to run and track specific page events using Facebook Pixel.

This course is most suitable for:

  • New print on demand Shopify merchants
  • Shopify merchants looking to refine their understanding and web design capabilities
  • Freelancers and ecommerce agencies
  • Those interested in learning more about ecommerce, web design and POD
  • People with great product ideas that want to spotlight them more effectively

The goal of this course will be to grant students a better understanding of the variety of techniques that can be used to enhance the Shopify print on demand storefront – specifically the product pages. Doing so will allow you to better promote your products and sell more.

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify industry-leading print on demand platforms and assess their advantages
  • Use the AIDA model as a foundation for your product pages
  • Plan the sections of your product page using layout and functional elements
  • Use sales and trust triggers to persuade visitors on a deeper level
  • Build your Shopify print on demand product page using PageFly
  • Run and track integrated events using Facebook event manager and Pixel

Course Content:

  1. Comparing Print on Demand Platforms and Brands for Inspiration
  2. Plan your page using AIDA concept and add products to your Shopify admin
  3. Build your POD product page using PageFly
  4. Add sales and trust triggers to your Shopify print on demand product page
  5. Optimize your print on demand product page for mobile and tablet
  6. Track specific events on your POD product page using Facebook Pixel

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