Multi Family Investing for Beginners


Multi Family Investing for Beginners, This Process is So Easy Even A Baby Can Do It.

This course is designed to help a beginner investor to find the tools and strategies needed to purchase their first multifamily property. Multifamily residential is a classification of housing where multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex. Each Chapter pulls from a wealth of experience as well as someone presently in the multifamily specialized lending industry. Imagine being able to add zeros to your net-worth by simply learning the right strategies to give you an edge in the market? KC Ejindu the instructor has worked as a real estate wholesale expert and has run multiple real estate investing companies with over 10 sales staff from Dallas Fort Worth to San Antonio, TX. KC Ejindu knows what it’s like to have worked in a cooperate job; and wrote a book detailing how he went from broke to wealth. Real Estate investing is the ultimate path to wealth; and for those who have succeeded in real estate has been able grow their wealth quickly. The most important part of this course is after you completion which requires “TAKING ACTION”. AS you well know it takes action to apply what you’re learning, and you must apply it for you to close your first deal. As a Real Estate Expert with over 15 years in Real Estate Lending, and 10 years in real estate investing, I’m here to help you position yourself for wealth! Check out this course and I am excited to watch you gain value from this.

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