Motivational and Personal Management for Small Business


Motivational and Personal Management for Small Business, The Personal Management and Motivational Course for Small Time Business Owners.

Course Description

Do you have a problem, getting the best out of your people?

Do you need your company, to do better? To have better sales, better quality, higher morales?

Maybe, you need to learn some information about personal management. It is the people, that make and create the company. They are the knowledge and the human capital, that helps the company succeed. We need to be able to understand the need and quality of Company Culture. What is the meaning of values, and how can they be important to us?

You will learn about :

– Company culture

– Values

– Social Responsibility

– Ethics in Business

– Different global approaches to HRM

– The Big Five of Motivation

– The Planning Process

– Performance Management

– Learning Organisations

These are all ideas, that are supposed to help you and your business, move in the right direction and create a much better and much more productive environment. Your success depends on your people, and that depends on your personal management. This is the course, that will help you create a much more successful company and a much more productive environment for you and your people. We need to be able to understand each other and our own specific needs and see the bigger picture.

Let’s create a world of success and progress

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