Math Basics for School & College Students


Math Basics for School & College Students, Everyday Math | Arithmetic, Numbers, Decimal | Percentage, Ratio, Proportion | Power, Exponent, Roots | Factor, Patterns.

Course Description

Interested in Mathematics? Do you need extra help to build a solid math foundation before pursuing higher education in mathematics?

Our course is specifically designed for school and college students. This course will help you build a solid mathematical foundation for all your academic endeavours.

This Math Course explores how various number systems, such as binary and decimal, impact our digital world. You’ll also learn how to compare entire numbers precisely and simply using the equal to (=), less than (<), and greater than (>) symbols for efficient mathematical comparisons.

In this basic math course, you’ll master how to use percentages to uncover original amounts and efficiently calculate everything from sale discounts to tax obligations. Additionally, we’ll demystify the concepts of PEMDAS and BODMAS, guiding you through precise calculation techniques step-by-step. Gain the confidence to handle complex mathematical operations with ease.

Moreover, you’ll explore the critical math role of precise ratios in baking and cooking, ensuring consistently outstanding results in every dish. As we delve into the power of word formulations in daily life, you’ll discover why metric measurements are key to success, whether you’re in the lab or the kitchen. Learn how the SI system represents the universal language of measurement, equipping you with the tools for accuracy in every endeavour.

By learning the math formulae for calculating the area and perimeter of polygons with four sides, you will be able to utilise their practical applications in a variety of fields and appreciate their adaptability. As you learn about the world of three-dimensional forms and three-dimensional quadrilaterals, you will be able to calculate surface area and volume for real-world uses.

Additionally, this math course will illustrate the significance of powers of ten and the unique role of zero as an exponent. It will provide you with a foundational understanding crucial for solving problems in science and mathematics. You’ll also learn how to determine the lowest common multiple swiftly. This is a key skill for simplifying fractions and tackling various mathematical challenges.

Enrol in our Foundation Diploma in Mathematics and embark on a journey of mathematical discovery. From arithmetic operations to geometric principles and real-world applications, this course equips you with indispensable skills for academic and professional success.

This course comes with the following Sections:

  1. Foundations of Numbers: Delve into the basics of math by exploring various number systems, including whole numbers, fractions, and negatives. This section emphasizes practical arithmetic applications to strengthen your foundational math skills.
  2. Arithmetic Operations: Master core math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You’ll focus on real-world applications, the order of operations, and improving calculator skills to enhance your math fluency.
  3. Decimals: Learn about the fundamentals of decimals, their power in approximation, and how math involving decimal division is crucial for accurate calculations in many real-world scenarios.
  4. Percentages: This section unveils the power of math ratios, the versatility of fractions, and the difference between percentages and points. You’ll also analyze stock market trends to make wiser financial decisions.
  5. Ratios and Proportions: Understand the essence of math ratios in both part-to-part and part-to-whole comparisons. Calculate math formulas to determine ingredient proportions or measure lengths for everyday tasks.
  6. Measurements – Part 1: Learn about metric measurements and refine your estimates with math using reference objects. Gain fluency in the universal language of measurement by understanding the math principles behind the SI system.
  7. Measurements – Part 2: Discover how temperature impacts weather, cooking, and other activities in this math section on capacity and volume. You will also refine math skills for measuring length accurately in day-to-day tasks.
  8. Basic Geometry: Part 1: Explore the complexity of shapes and foundational math concepts like triangles, polygons, circumference, and radius. This part lays the groundwork for grasping geometric math ideas.
  9. Basic Geometry: Part 2: Study 3D math shapes, investigate cylinders, and examine the dimensions of irregular shapes in this math section on advanced geometry for practical applications.
  10. Powers and Exponents: Explore exponents’ real-world math applications, investigate powers of ten, practice advanced math operations, and understand the significance of zero as an exponent.
  11. Root Operation: Master various math skills like estimating square roots, understanding cube numbers, and estimating cube roots quickly to excel in this section.
  12. Factors and Multiples: Simplify math fractions using the greatest common factor and prime factorization, compute the lowest common multiple, and determine the highest common factor for math efficiency.
  13. Everyday Patterns and Formulas: Examine Pascal’s Triangle, math patterns, and practical formulas. Learn healthcare math formulas and essential business math strategies to master daily patterns.

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