Packaging material manufacturing


Packaging material manufacturing, Manufacturing of Food Packaging material and their testing.

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Introduction to subject, Packaging situations in World and India Need of packaging, plastic consumption/use in World, India etc. Package requirements, package functions Hazards acting on package during transportation, Storage and atmospheric package, labeling laws

Package Materials: classification packages, paper as package material its manufacture, types, advantages corrugated and paper board boxes etc. Glass as package material, Manufacture, Advantages, disadvantages. Metal as package material-manufacture, Advantages, disadvantages Aluminum as package material, its

advantages and disadvantages, plastic as package material classification of polymers, Properties of each plastics, uses of each plastics, chemistry of each plastic such as polyethylene, Polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PVC, PVDC, Cellulose acetate, Nylon etc.

Lamination, Coating and Aseptic packaging, Lamination, need of lamination, types, properties, advantages & disadvantages of each type. Coating on paper & films, types of coatings. Need of coating, methods of coatings. Biodegradable and edible packaging, Aseptic packaging-Need, Advantages, process, comparison of conventional & aseptic packaging. System of aseptic packaging and materials used in aseptic packaging, Machineries used in Packing foods. Permeability – theoretical consideration, permeability of gases and vapours. Permeability of multilayer packages, permeability in relation to products.

Packaging of Specific Foods with its properties like bread, biscuits coffee, milk powder, egg powder, carbonated beverages Snack foods etc, Mechanical and functional tests on package, Various mechanical functional testes perform in laboratories on package boxes and package materials.


Identification of Packaging Materials; Measurement of Thickness of Packaging Films, papers and boards; Measurement of water absorption of paper, paper boards; Measurement of bursting strength of paper and paperboard; Measurement Tear resistance of papers; Measurement of puncture resistance of paper and paperboard; Measurement of tensile strength of paper of paper boards; Determination of gas transmission rate of package films; Determination of WVTR of films; Determination of coating on package materials; Identification of plastic films; Prepackaging practices followed for packing fruits and vegetables.

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