Master-class: become self-aware at the workplace


Master-class: become self-aware at the workplace, Get to know more about yourself as a professional.

Course Description

The master-class is focused on talking about self-awareness from the perspective of working life. In the modern society more and more people (luckily!) start asking themselves questions like: ‘What exactly am I doing here? Am I at the right place? Do I want to keep on doing what I am doing these days? What is my actual professional potential?’. If you’re one of them – welcome to the course! This one will cover the essentials of self-awareness at workplace and how important that is, what effect it brings.

First, we will cover the topics related to becoming more self-aware at the workplace, starting with what self-awareness is and how you might benefit from it.

Next, we will talk about the factors which we can affect the extent to which you can be self-aware. We will talk about why addressing stress management is essential in this context to stay focused on what’s matters.

Then, we will also have a discussion around the visualisation practices which can help you to understand what kind of professional you see yourself in reality.

Thus, in the end of the course you will get some hacks on how to achieve higher self-awareness and determined while at work. You will become more certain on how to set own professional goals, maintain productivity and good communication with colleagues.

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