Key Vocabulary for Academic English (Part 2 of 2)


Key Vocabulary for Academic English (Part 2 of 2), Master the academic word list, vocabulary, academic English.

Course Description

This course is for students and lecturers who want to improve their skills in English for Academic Purposes. Students are required to submit assignments, reports and papers in well written English. Lecturers and academics need to publish papers, prepare teaching content and write reports. There is one key component that will help you meet the demands for high quality written English.

That is vocabulary. This Udemy course helps you to become confident in vocabulary for academic English. The course is based on the academic word list – AWL, which provides a list of the most common words used in academic English. It consists of nearly 30 lessons that focus on practice in understanding and using the vocabulary in this list. This is a list of the most important words in academic English and was developed by scholars in New Zealand. Your course focuses on the major head words from the AWL. You will obtain important practice and meaningful examples to help you master more vocabulary.

By the end of this course, you will have improved your range of vocabulary in academic English and have a greater understanding of the AWL. Join thousands of other students and master your academic English on this course!

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