IGCSE/O’Level Business Studies Exam Preparation Course


IGCSE/O’Level Business Studies Exam Preparation Course, How to score your best grade in 45-minutes.

Course Description

This course is specifically designed to assist IGCSE/O’Level Business Studies candidate to understand the answer requirements of the examination questions. This course does not run through IGCSE syllabus topics, but focuses on helping students develop answers following exam marking scheme requirements. It contains strategies, tips and step-by-step methods on how to develop answers for all question formats in the examination. As such, the course is most suitable for candidates in their final year (year 11) or in their 6 months before their exam.

The course starts with a brief presentation of the examination requirements such as question formats, total marks, and assessment objectives. After which, a detail discussion on how to develop answers fulfilling each assessment objectives will be presented. This is followed by a run-through of each question format, on how to develop a full-mark answer. Actual past year exam questions are used as examples.

Also included in this course are notes to download and an exam preparation plan for students with different amount of time available to prepare for their exams. At the end of the course, a bonus session will be shared with tips on how to prepare for your exams in the best possible way with just 1-month left before your examination.

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