How to Prepare & Crack SDE Interview at Product Companies


How to Prepare & Crack SDE Interview at Product Companies, Interview preparation guide for Software Engineers.

Course Description

Preparation is the key to success. In this course, we have covered all major and important details to crack interviews at major MNC companies.

In this course curriculum we would like to cover major important points like

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What to expect from a software development engineer?
  • What are the key aspects that software development engineer should have focus on while preparing for the interview?
  • A level-wise comparison like SDE 1 versus SDE2 versus SDE3
  • Interview process followed by different companies and different levels of software engineers.
  • What are the competencies that an individual be evaluated on for a Software role at TOP MNC companies?
  • Interview Expectations and sample preparation questions.
  • How to prepare an effective resume where a recruiter will shortlist your profile. Getting your profile shortlisted is very important without will you can even move a step. So we would like to cover the details about what are the key points that individuals should mention on the resume and how to highlight the key points of the key contributions to the project.

This Material would help you to understand

– Key Aspect of Interviews

– Interviewers and their Expectations

– how to align your preparation

– How to Focus on the core competencies

– Model Questions for guiding you in right path

– Software Development Engineer I expectations Vs Software Development Engineer II Vs Software Development Engineer IIII Vs Principal Engineers.







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