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Professional Diploma in Software Testing & Quality Assurance, Professional Diploma in Software Testing & Quality Assurance by MTF Institute.

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Welcome to course Professional Diploma in Software Testing & Quality Assurance by MTF Institute

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Course Author:

Hi! My name is Liza.

I have for 5+ years of experience on QA, It-companies using closed and open source product.

Promoted from Junior tester to Chief of QA.

I tested many systems: Web-app, API (MQ and Kafka), Backend. Now I work with Big Data.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)

These two concepts are deeply intertwined, working together to ensure software products meet the highest standards.

Software Testing: The process of meticulously evaluating a software product to uncover defects or errors. It’s like a rigorous inspection where testers put the software through its paces to see if it behaves as expected, finding any potential issues before they cause problems for users.

Quality Assurance (QA): A broader, proactive approach aimed at preventing defects from occurring in the first place. QA focuses on establishing processes and standards across the entire software development lifecycle to ensure that the end product meets a predefined level of quality.

Main Focus Areas

Software Testing:

Functionality: Does the software do what it’s supposed to?

Performance: How fast and efficiently does it work?

Usability: Is it easy to learn and use?

Compatibility: Does it work across different devices, browsers, and operating systems?

Security: Is it protected from vulnerabilities and cyberattacks?

Quality Assurance:

Quality planning: Defining the quality standards for a project.

Process Definition: Outlining the steps for development, testing, and release to ensure quality is baked-in from the start.

Audits: Regularly reviewing processes and outcomes to ensure quality standards are being met.

Why Are Software Testing & QA Important?

Cost Reduction: Finding problems early is far cheaper than fixing them after release.

Customer Satisfaction: High-quality software leads to happy, loyal users.

Reputation: A reputation for reliable, well-tested products improves brand image and competitiveness.

Risk Mitigation: Thorough testing and QA minimizes the risk of costly failures or security breaches.

Importance for Companies and IT Experts

Companies: Investing in testing and QA demonstrates a commitment to quality, resulting in increased customer trust, better products, and competitive advantage.

IT Experts: Strong testing and QA skills make IT professionals more valuable and in-demand.

Career Development in Software Testing & QA

A career in this field offers numerous benefits and opportunities:

Growth Potential: The demand for quality software means these roles are plentiful and in high need.

Diverse Paths: Specialize in areas like automation testing, performance testing, security testing, etc.

Transferable Skills: Problem-solving, detail-orientation, and communication skills translate well to other IT domains.

Good Compensation: Skilled QA and testing professionals are well-compensated.

How to Get Started

Learn the Fundamentals: Study testing methodologies, types of testing and QA concepts.

Gain Practical Skills: Get hands-on with testing tools (e.g., Selenium). Practice on real-world projects or contribute to open-source initiatives.

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