Digital Transformation Challenge


Digital Transformation Challenge, Immerse yourself in digital transformation learning and challenges.

Course Description

By taking this challenge you’ll learn more about managing large-scale transformation at companies with workforces that range from 500 to several hundred thousand.

The fact that 1000’s of transformations are now struggling, stalling or not even getting started, demonstrates the massive shortage of transformation management capability throughout the world. Many senior managers and leaders are suffering because while they understand how to manage and lead their “operational” business, they often have limited knowledge, experience and time to successfully manage and lead the “transformation” of their business.

As a result, firms are willing to pay well for the new transformation management professionals they need to achieve strategic goals and satisfy stakeholders.

Join internationally renowned transformation advisor Rob Llewellyn as you learn how he has helped CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, and thousands of other managers, leaders, and consultants from many of the most well-respected companies in the world.

This is where you you will learn about real-world transformation from one of the most successful transformation experts in the world.

You will learn about:

  • Disruption Lifecycle and Disruptive Innovation
  • Digital Transformation Versus Basic Change
  • Strategy, Business Models and Digital Use Cases
  • Operating Models, People and Innovation
  • Six Guiding Principles of Digital Transformation

Rob Llewellyn is waiting for you inside this course so get started right now!

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