Combating Uncertainty in Business and Life : A framework


Combating Uncertainty in Business and Life : A framework, A collection of short lectures covering tenets that help navigate uncertain times.

Course Description

This is a collection of lectures that cover important tenets that helps one navigate uncertain times in business, and in life.

The Covid 19 pandemic highlighted something that we knew all along; we live in highly uncertain times. Be it your personal life or a business that you may be running, the age of predictability is gone, for good. As individuals, it is very difficult to predict the results of actions that we may take to advance our professional careers. At an organizational level, businesses can no longer be built on the basis of what worked yesterday.

In the midst of such uncertainties, Chevening scholar,  Entrepreneur, and Workplace Strategist Parthajeet Sarma, lays down a framework of things that can be used by organizations and individuals alike to build resilience within their own personal strategies, and better prepare them for the next tsunami. There is no magic pill to combat uncertainty, and what works for one is unlikely to work for another. However, a framework to base one’s personal strategy on is a good starting point.

This is a collection of lectures, which have been handpicked from a broader range of videos by the instructor.  It covers tenets like adopting a playful attitude at work, working out a platform around a product to buttress sales against difficult times, developing an understanding of the difference between personal ethics and business ethics and standing true to one’s ethics, the rewards of building great teams.

A bonus lesson focuses on what to focus on in sales during times of economic distress, such that you thrive, while competitors may fail.

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