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Business Management and Enterprise Business Software, Business Types, Business Models, Business Model Innovation, Business Functions, Business Capabilities, Business Software.

Businesses across the world facing numerous challenges in successfully producing and delivering the products and services to the customers. At the same time, new innovative technologies and business applications are emerging very rapidly. In this challenging and dynamic environment, it is extremely important for business and software application professionals or college students aspiring to enter into business and IT profession,  to have a broad business knowledge and understand how various enterprise business software applications seamlessly enable business operations across various business functions of any large business corporation.

Broad business understanding coupled with the understanding of how various business software applications from leading business software providers such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, QAD, Siemens, Manhattan Associates, Salesforce, ServiceNow etc.,  seamlessly enable end to end business scenarios, can help business and IT professionals involved in the implementation and support of these leading business software applications perform more effectively and efficiently.

In this course you will learn about foundational cross functional business and business software knowledge required for any business or IT professional, starting with business types, business models, business model innovation approach and tools,  various business functions and business capabilities, their relationships, leading business software applications for each business capability, Gartner Magic Quadrant for ranking various business application segments, an end to end business value chain example and corresponding business functions.

Later you will learn creating a business software application model portfolio for a large corporation for managing end to end business operations involving sales, CRM, sales and operations planning (S&OP), production planning and manufacturing, supply chain planning, Procurement, Warehouse Management, SRM  Finance and HR business functions.

Subsequently you will learn about an end to end business scenario, corresponding business activities and mapping of business activities involved to the appropriate business software applications selected in the model application portfolio.

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