Business acumen, Business Concepts everyone should know.

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Do you know?

What were the sales of your favorite company during last year?

Are you updated on what is happening in your company or other companies

Are their sales growing, declining, or flat?

How profitable is that company?

What is the company’s cash position?

How does this company in comparison to its competitors?

Why Business Acumen?

“Business acumen is the keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with business to lead to a good outcome”

You must have heard the term “Tech savvy” i.e well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers. Similarly we have this term “Business Acumen”

Helps you to –

See the ‘big picture’ of your organization

Understand company data and financial statements

Use your knowledge to make decisions

Understand how your actions impact company

Effectively communicate your ideas to others

Key Topics covered:

  • Meaning and Importance

    Explain the meaning of Business Acumen

    Describe the importance of Business Acumen

  • Common Terminologies

    Explain the common terminologies such as Revenue, COGS, Gross Sale, Net Sale, EBITDA, Margin, Markup etc

  • Common KPIs

    Calculate walkin, conversion, ATV, ABS, ASP, Like-to-Like, Sell-through, Inventory Turn over ratio
    Explain the impact of cross-selling and up-selling on Sales KPIs

  • Business Model Canvas

    Explain the meaning and importance of Business Model Canvas
    Describe the key elements of Business Model Canvas

  • Casestudy

    Casestudy – Business Model Canvas

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