Basic C programming in Linux Environment.


Basic C programming in Linux Environment. Learn the Basics of C Programming.

Course Description

This course is conducted by Working Professionals and not professional Trainers.

This course in ‘C’ is designed for those who have absolutely no coding knowledge in ‘C’.

We have divided the course in 2 parts (This course has 1st part, 2nd Part has a separate course)

Part 1 – covers basics of C (Assumes no programming knowledge) – Part of Free

Part 2 – Covers advanced concepts (For those who are aware of basics of C, and want to jump start into the advanced concepts.)

Note: Above Part 2 is in a separate course on ‘Advanced C Programming’

By end of Part 1 and Part2 course you will be very familiar with most of the topics you come across in ‘C’. This course also explains advanced concepts like Pointers, function pointers and others,   so this course will also be good for those who want to learn advanced concepts in C.

This is a  course on “Basic C Programming” in Linux Environment.


1. Please try this course and I assure you that you will learn basic concepts that are required for a ‘C’ developer. We have kept this course as Free so that you can get a good basic understanding before you proceed to Advanced C  Course.

2. C Programs are widely used in different domains like Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Railway domain, Wireless products development, and many more Embedded systems development.

3. Learning ‘C’ programming builds a very good base to learn any other Programming languages like C++, Python Java etc. Also popular OS like LINUX is based on ‘C’.

Outcome of this course

1. Have a good  basic understanding of C language.

2. Able to write basic C code for Application development.

The topics covered in this course are:

Section 1 – Basics of ‘C’

1. C  Data types, and Variables

2. Functions, Arrays

3.  Declarations and Definitions in ‘C’.

4. Operators

5. Flow control –  If, Else, If-Else, switch, Continue, Break

6. Loops (for, while, do-while)

Part of other course(Advanced C Programming in Linux environment) for reference.

Section  2 – Advanced ‘C’ Topics (Part of other course – Advanced C Programming in Linux Environment)

7. Functions

8. Arrays – Single and Multi dimension arrays

9.  Structures and Unions

10.  Pointers (integer pointer, character pointer)

11.  Pointers and arrays

Below Advanced pointers concepts

12.  Pointers and functions.

13.  Pointer to pointers

14.  Pointers and Structures.

Bonus and Extras

14. Sample project development using C (including multiple .c and .h files).

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