Arabic Noorani Qaida with English Instructions


Arabic Noorani Qaida with English Instructions, A Guide to Understanding Quranic Recitation.

Course Description

The well-organized course combines clear study materials with fun interactive sessions. This makes everyone feel like a team and encourages active participation, making learning enjoyable and rewarding.

The course brings its focus to the following key areas:

  1. Overview of the Arabic Alphabet: Delving into the essentials of the Arabic alphabet, the course lays a strong foundation for learners.
  2. Significance of Noorani Qaida and Learning Benefits: The course takes a moment to shed light on the importance of Noorani Qaida, outlining the advantages of mastering it.
  3. Introduction to Arabic Letters: Participants are introduced to the Arabic letters, embarking on an enlightening journey to understand their nuances and uniqueness.
  4. Variations of Arabic Letters: The course guides learners through the different forms of Arabic letters, encompassing their variations at the beginning, middle, and end of words.
  5. Art of Pronunciation: An integral aspect of language learning, the course delves into the art of accurately pronouncing Arabic letters, ensuring participants develop a strong foundation.
  6. Short Vowels (Harakat): Exploring the world of short vowels, the course provides insights into their significance and usage, enhancing the overall understanding of Arabic language structure.

What’s Needed?

To embark on this enlightening journey, participants will require a laptop, smartphone, or any other internet-connected device. The beauty of this course lies in its accessibility to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of prior experience or expertise.

The course’s all-encompassing nature ensures that it covers every facet of Arabic letters, equipping learners with a comprehensive understanding that paves the way for a confident mastery of this essential linguistic component. Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to refine your existing knowledge, this course is tailored to meet your needs and aspirations.

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