100 Most Common Arabic Phrases


100 Most Common Arabic Phrases, Modern Standard Arabic Absolute Beginner’s Course.

  • This course is about memorizing phrases and vocabulary.
  • you will be pushed to grow your vocabulary.
  • It will walk you step by step to learn Arabic fast.
  • Our online course has been designed to make learning Arabic easy and fun for anyone who needs it.
    • This course helps the learners to understand how the Arabic Language works, It focuses on understanding rather than memorizing, which leads to great results in a very short time.
    • In this Arabic course, you will discover that Arabic is easy to learn.
    • this is the best-selling Arabic course you find on Udemy and online!
    • This Arabic course gives you the ability to learn the Arabic language easily, with a lot of new features that make learning the Arabic language easier and more efficient.
    • I never use boring teaching methodologies, but fun, interesting, and attractive styles.
    • My passion is inspiring my students through my offline and online courses which I have created and developed using my Learn Real Arabic teaching system.
    • I have put a great effort in creating and developing this course to make sure that every lesson is well-explained and to make sure that you don’t feel lost or frustrated in the middle of the course.

Who this course is for:

  1. If you have no previous knowledge of Arabic and wish to gain a rapid understanding of the language.
  2. If you want to start Arabic grammar studies soon and need to learn how to read the language as a prerequisite. This course offers a low-cost option.
  3. If you want to learn to read and write Arabic.
  4. If you have done some Arabic in the past but need to brush up on basic skills again before venturing into studying Arabic grammar
  5. This is an essential course for beginners.
  6. People who are seeking to learn new language, who are thirsty for more knowledge ‎and experience.
  7. Want to work in any Arab country such as the United Arab of Emirates, Qatar, or ‎Egypt for example? You are in the right place.
  8. Who have learned Arabic years ago and have forgotten the language already, but ‎still want to recover‎.
  9. Want to improve their Arabic skills‎.
  10. People who are working in the Arab world.
  11. People who started to learn Arabic and want to continue.
  12. People who are willing to learn new language as a hobby.

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