Why innovation matters


Why innovation matters, Stand out in whatever you do through Systematic innovation.

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Innovation has become a buzzword and every company is selling innovation, because it is crucial in this fast-changing times.

However, innovation is usually misunderstood.

After completing this introductory class, you will be able to have a holistic view of what is innovation, why it matters and what techniques and tools you can use to innovate.

Within the course, you will find extra materials and a challenge, that you can share in our Slack community, getting also inspired by other people’s cool ideas.

I also try to explain everything with examples and curious anecdotes that I hope you find as interesting as I do.

Remember, 80% of success is just getting started!


1) Intro: where the good ideas come from?

2) What is the difference between creativity, invention and innovation

3) Why should we innovate and why is it so difficult?

4) What is innovation and types of innovation

5) Where can we innovate?

6) How can we innovate?

7) Difference between methodology, framework and tool

8) Systematic innovation and its frameworks


My name is Estefania Fernandez, I am the founder of e-Bloom and one of the most popular meetups for business model innovation in Europe called Business Model Re:public.

I am a serial entrepreneur, lecturer in business model innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation consultant with experience in startups and big corporations.

I am committed to help other entrepreneurs and young graduates to create their businesses and/or boost their career.

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