What’s New in C# 8.0: Must Know for Every Developer


What’s New in C# 8.0: Must Know for Every Developer, Learn all C# 8.0 New Features with Demo and Use them in Interviews and Project.

Course Description

C# 8.0 was introduced with DotNet Core 3.0 with so many great improvements and features. There are so many changes in Interfaces, Pattern Matching, Handling Null Reference exceptions, and added some new Operators.

All these C# 8 features are must learn and use in your projects. C# 8 Features will help you to write complex logic with minimum code.

C# Latest Features (C# 8.0)

  • Interface:
    Interfaces in C# 8.0 allows us to write member body, static fields, static constructor, constants, access modifiers (public, private, internal, etc) and so many other features.
  • Nullable Reference Type:
    Nullable reference type allows us to avoid Null Reference Exception at the compile time. C# developers can enable/disable the nullable features on project/file levels. If the Nullable reference type is enabled then the compiler will give a warning whenever there are possibilities of a null error.
  • Switch Pattern Matching:
    Switch pattern matching allows the C# developers to write the switch statement without using the case, or default keywords. This will allow us to focus only on logic rather than unnecessary keywords.
  • Property Pattern Matching
  • Tuple Pattern Matching:Tuple pattern matching in C# allows us to write complex logic with very less code. This is easy to write, read and clean code.
  • Null-Coalescing Operator:Null-Coalescing Operator is a new operator added in C# 8. This Null-Coalescing Operator allows the C# developers to assign the right side expression only if the left-hand side value is null. (Very Useful)
  • Indices and Range:
    There is a new way to get the sequence value from the end instead of array.length-1. And the Range is a new operator. The Range operator is used to get the subsequence from a sequence with start and end boundaries.
  • Static Local Functions

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