What is zero-party data and how to use it in eCommerce


What is zero-party data and how to use it in eCommerce, What is zero-party data and how to use it in eCommerce – definitions, advantages, cutting-edge tools.

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During this course, you will learn about the most revolutionary concept in eCommerce since the introduction of cookies. It is called zero-party data. Technically, they are cookies. However, their function and applications are quite different from traditional ones.

In subsequent lessons, we will review the basic facts about cookies and outline how first and third-party cookies have been used in eCommerce. You will learn how eCommerce is changing and why a new tool is needed to meet the demands.

You will learn about the nature of third-party cookies and the weird relationship between customers and eCommerce businesses because of them.

Then, we will explain why first-party data is not so different from third-party data and the flaws they share. In the same lesson, we will introduce you to the revolutionary concept of zero-party data. You will learn what they are, how they work, and its advantages. In addition, you will see various examples of the kind of information that can be considered zero-party data.

Finally, we will introduce you to our new zero-party data focused Customer Data Platform. It is the first tool in the industry designed to collect, manage and make zero-party data actionable.

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