Video Marketing | An Introduction


Video Marketing | An Introduction, Create your small business marketing video.

Course Description

You know video is a powerful tool for your small business. But you didn’t START your business to make a video!  You’ve got other things to do! A lot of things!

It would be useful if there was a very short, simple course that walked you through what single video to make first that will have the most impact on your business and how to do it.

Well, we’ve done that! And it’s free!

We’ve created this course because of our experience with the needs of a small business. We’re a small business ourselves. We want to help. A good video doesn’t have to be complex to make an impact. It doesn’t need to take a long time. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to:

  • the idea of video marketing is to focus your video goals down to something specific and measurable in the form of a video explainer.
  • how to plan out the short video explainer so your filming and editing are as simple as possible.
  • tips on how to film your video using either a webcam or a smartphone.
  • tips on how to edit your video.
  • publishing your video so the right people see it at the right time.
  • how to measure the success of your video.
  • the next steps you can take.

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