Video Editing And Interview Editing In Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Video Editing And Interview Editing In Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Create professional interview videos with the help of adobe premiere pro.

Course Description

Interview is a  type of video content which cannot be taken lightly . A well edited quality interview video can help you upgrade your professional game . So in this course we are going to learn the complete process of editing an interview video . Starting from arranging the video clips , applying graphics , color grading and to caption creation . We will cover all these topics in this course . We will use adobe premiere pro editing software as our basic tool for creating the video. At the end of this course , you will be comfortable in creating and editing any kind of interview video with full confidence .

Key points about this course curriculum :

1) Video editing in adobe premiere pro

2) Interview video editing

3) Interview video arrangement

4) Use of essential graphics

5) Color grading an interview video

6) Interview captions creation

7) Caption synchronization

8) Editing a complete interview video from starting to end

Advantage of this course is that , it is a follow edit along kind of  course . Which means , every editing step will we shown to you and you can also edit the video along with me . To eliminate guessing work , I have made this course in continuous manner , without unnecessary cuts and trims .

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