Value Stream Mapping Basics | How to Draw your First Map


Value Stream Mapping Basics | How to Draw your First Map, A Practical Guide to the Foundations of Value Stream Mapping.

Course Description

Do you want to learn how to create value stream maps that can help you improve your processes and eliminate waste? If so, this course is for you!

In this course, you will learn how to draw your first value stream map using Microsoft Visio. You will also learn how to identify the value-adding and non-value-adding activities in your current state.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the basics of value stream mapping and how to apply it in their own context. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will find this course useful and engaging.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master value stream mapping and take your skills to the next level! Enroll now and start your journey today!

Through this course, you are going to know

Why VSM is so important and what differentiates it from other mapping tools

Basic #Principles of Drawing the Value Stream Map

Drawing the #Current Value Stream Map

How to use your #pencil#visio to draw your #VSM.

Value stream mapping is a powerful tool for identifying and eliminating waste in your processes. It helps you visualize the flow of value from the customer’s perspective and pinpoint the sources of inefficiency and variation. By applying value stream mapping, you can improve your quality, delivery, and cost performance, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. We congratulate you on your commitment to continuous improvement and we hope you will keep using value stream mapping to optimize your workflows and outcomes.

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