Unofficial Udemy Course Marketing: Course Length and Price


Unofficial Udemy Course Marketing: Course Length and Price, Unofficial Udemy Course Marketing: Course length and price, marketing and promotional.

Hello and welcome to my course, ‘Unofficial Udemy Course Marketing: Course Length and Price’.

My name is Brian Jackson. I’m the instructor of this course. I’m also the writer of over a dozen books, publisher of over 100 books, and Udemy instructor since 2014, with over 10 Udemy courses to my name.

This is a short, no-frills course about how to market your Udemy courses using course length and price. The course includes lots of personal experience from my 8 years on Udemy, along with lots of real-life examples.

In this course, I discuss strategies for determining the optimal length for your Udemy courses, including minimum and maximum lengths, letting a course be as long as it needs to be, the two-hour limit for free courses, competing via length, and rounding up of course lengths by Udemy. I also discuss the optimal price for your course, including minimum and maximum prices, matching course price to length, and competing via price.

After watching this course, you will know how to promote your courses via Udemy length and price.

This course is for instructors new to teaching on Udemy and those who have been here a while and want to brush up on their marketing skills.

Why not learn how to sell on Udemy before spending months and years publishing on Udemy?

Clocking in at as close to 76 minutes as I can get (find out why in the course), watching this course should be mandatory for every new Udemy instructor.

So, enroll in the course now and I’ll see you in the classroom,


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