Unlocking Resumes: Your Keys to Getting Hired!


Unlocking Resumes: Your Keys to Getting Hired! Most Resumes are Ignored. Good Resumes Get Attention. Great Resumes Get Interviews.

Course Description

Thank you for your interest in this course!

After 17 years of working in HR and 5 years doing resume-writing as a freelancer, I decided to create the world’s first animated resume guide!

In this course, I explain all of the techniques, secrets and strategies to writing resumes that lead to interviews.

The segments and sections include the following – all with the purpose of explaining the concepts at an easy to understand and fundamental level, while also being visually entertaining and engaging.

Section 1: Introduction, My Experience, “Resume Shops”, Value of Resume Writing

Section 2: How to Use a Resume As a Tool

Section 3: The Components of a Resume

Section 4: ATS and How to Use it

Section 5: The Power of Language within a Resume

Section 6: Numbers, Data and Quantification

Section 7: Miscellaneous Topics and Questions (Cover Letters, Career Gaps, Changing Careers, Design and Format, Resumes vs LinkedIn)

Section 8: My Resume and Conclusion

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