TypeScript for Absolute Beginners


TypeScript for Absolute Beginners, Learn Only The Absolute Basics of TypeScript Applicable to All TypeScript Projects.

Course Description

This is a quick and FREE introductory course on the absolute basics of TypeScript that are applicable to ALL TypeScript Projects and suitable if you have never done TypeScript before.

It is also a prerequisite for my other more advanced TypeScript courses on Three.js and Socket.IO.

In this absolute beginners course I will concentrate on just the most common basics of TypeScript that are applicable to every TypeScript project that you will create or continue from now and into the future.

This course is only 30 minutes long, is very easy and has accompanying documentation that you can access for FREE from the resources so that you can more easily copy what I do in the videos.

Every video continues on from the next, expanding on the TypeScript concepts you have learned so far.

You should copy what I do in the videos on your own computer and then experiment with the code and the new concepts you’ve learned after each video so that you feel comfortable.

TypeScript is very useful for writing robust and type safe code very quickly and extends your IDE to be a significantly more powerful tool when programming.

Thanks for taking part in my TypeScript for Absolute Beginners course, and I’ll see you there.

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