Transformer Control Panel Schematics


Transformer Control Panel Schematics, Learn from Professionals, Electrical Power Engineering, Wiring Diagram of Electrical Panel.

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Dear All,

Welcome to the course of understanding schematics of “Transformer Control Panel Schematics“.  This course covers complete schematics of 132 kV transformer control panel.

Trainer have over 18 years of field experience and has worked at 11/132/220/500kV Substation, 1263MW power plant, 660kV HVDC system.  worked with several companies, SIEMENS, ABB, GE, SEC, KE, WAPDA, NTDC, ARAMCO, SABIC, MARAFIQ. Trainer has given hundreds of trainings online and offline, so it will be great to join this training and take advantage of field experience.

In this training, we have selected the schematics of 20/26MVA power transformer. This is a control panel that is installed at the control room at remote location.

This training is designed over as schematics, that will also be available to download.

The following topics are covered in this training:

  • Learn Single line diagram of transformer feeder
  • General arrangement of the panel, explained how the panel is designed
  • Master different symbols used in the schematics
  • AC Supply distribution
  • Heating and lighting circuit
  • AC loop
  • DC distribution
  • DC loop
  • DC & AC supply supervision circuit
  • AC supply fail circuit
  • DC supply fail circuit
  • Control and alarm supplies in panel
  • DC supply changeover scheme
  • Open & closing circuit of Circuit Breaker
  • Open and closing circuit of line isolator, busbar isolator, earth switch, VT link
  • Remote position indication schematics
  • Discrepancy switch & how it operats
  • Flicker relay circuit
  • Contact multiplication circuit
  • Annunciation circuit
  • Metering circuit
  • Supervision lamps
  • General arrangements side and rear views.



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