Trailer Course: Get Started with Programming in C


Trailer Course: Get Started with Programming in C, Write your first program and take your first step in the programming world with this course!.

Course Description

Welcome to absolute beginnings in programming with C. This course gives you a push to write your first C program in just 39 minutes. I hope you watch it at one stretch. Shorter than one episode of Game of Thrones but will get you started on your path to become a programmer!

Note that this course is a trailer for the upcoming course on C programming. The FULL COURSE IS OUT, and has further programming assignments, readings, and an end of course project where we create a guessing game! You can check out my instructor profile to find that course.

This course will teach you the very basics of programming, including writing your first program, compiling and executing it. You write your first hello world program and get introduced to the concepts of data types and why they are needed.

NOTE: A lot of students are asking me about course certificate. You will get a certificate after you finish the course under the condition that you have a blue tick in front of all lectures, and you must SUBMIT all assignments. Assignments in my opinion are the more important aspect of the course anyways and are made to make think and read.

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