Tips&tricks to make &upload your course on Udemy-unofficial-


Tips&tricks to make &upload your course on Udemy-unofficial- Be expert.

if you want

  • short
  • simple
  • easy in step by step
  • cheap

    course to learn every thing about Udemy instructors

    in only 5 sessions you will get all of that , never miss to get more students ,money and to prepare effective course

    1. I will provide you with not only all steps you need in details but also some creative ideas to use equipment for the shooting and making your videos up to zero dollars ..
    2. I will provide you also with different 5 sources of montage all of them are ( easy to use ,simple ,fast, free)that you can use
    3. you will also learn how to brain storm for your ideas for your course before starting and shooting
    4. the course basically in the form of short sessions to make you alert and interested in order not to lose attention
    5. I divided the sessions into two big steps to have each step in details
    6. each time shiny number appears with stars this is a golden tip & trick so pay a lot of intention
    7. 14 golden tip & trick are included through out the course
    8. I included examples for everything mentioned even my experience in previous courses of mine
    9. there are subtitles for Arabs included below there without affecting the appearance
    10. Eventually , I prefer not to call it course , because it is a journey>>>

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