The US Healthcare System – Health Insurance Products


The US Healthcare System – Health Insurance Products, Learn the key elements of health insurance products and why they matter.

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The US healthcare system spends over $4trillion per year. It is enormous and has many opportunities.

If you want to capture these opportunities, you have to be familiar with the key elements and understand why they are important.


The US Health System is a series of courses that introduce the key elements of the US health system.

This is the first in the series, on Health Insurance Products:

  1. Types of health insurance products
  2. The key elements
    1. Who pays: payor types
    2. What’s covered: benefit categories
    3. How to access care: provider networks
    4. Benefit/Payment levels: cost sharing
  3. Using different points of view
    1. Through perspectives of different personas, see how these different elements are important in health insurance

The lectures are short, concise, practical. You will see only what you really need to know.

This course will save you hours of reading boring articles, government regulations only to have more questions than answers.


I’ve over 20 years of experience in the health care industry. I’m a fully qualified health actuary and have a MSc in Health Policy from the London School of Economics. My goal is to help you excel in the workplace.

So CLICK ON, and let me share with you what I wish someone had showed me 20 years ago!

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