The outsourcing decision and managing the risk +CONSULTATION


The outsourcing decision and managing the risk +CONSULTATION, Upgrade your business beyond your capabilities with minimal investment – plus COSULTATION VOUCHER.

Course Description

Our approach in this course is unique, we believe in OPERATIONAL OUTSOURCING MANAGEMENT: this will enable you to organize your remote team (small or big) efficiently to boost your business, yet stay safe. To achieve this goal personal consultation is also part of this course.

I am Zsófia of Myprocesses and I help busy entrepreneurs like you to automate and outsource their time-consuming tasks without sacrificing their profit. If you are looking to make the 4-hour work week a reality, or simply avoid burnout, then I have a lot to tell you.

In this course you will learn:

  • What are the benefits for YOU in outsourcing?
  • How YOU can make a wise outsourcing decision?
  • Pick up the tasks YOU can outsource
  • What are the risks in outsourcing?
  • How to manage risk?
  • How to reduce the cost of outsourcing?

This course is for you if:

  • You are running a business that already generates some cash and you could use some extra hand to grow further
  • You are seeking for answers relevant to you, and not just general information. (Personal consultation is also part of this course)
  • You are worried about the possible risk of hiring a virtual team (safety issues, overspending quality concerns etc.)
  • You want results quickly, efficiently, without spending too much time on  training and hiring

I truly believe entrepreneurs should not be the employees of their company. Burnout is a real problem for business owners, but with carefully set processes (SOPs) and efficient outsourcing they can avoid such break down, or they can even achieve the dream of 4-hour work week.

If you are here you wish to expand your business without risking burnout. I have good news for you: you did not only enroll for an online course but joint a supporting system: enjoy a personal consultation to make sure you can put what you have learnt in practice, and build up your online team by working together with your personal Outsourcing Manager.

As an operational outsourcing manager, I map out processes to spot tasks for automation and outsourcing, and I also handle the whole process with backup solutions and training as well to make outsourcing safe and affordable.

If you seek for such a safe and affordable outsourcing decision that is tailor-made for your business and your situation, this course is for you.

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