The Journey of Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence)


The Journey of Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence), The Journey of Deep Learning: Past and present.

Course Description

Deep learning is a sub domain of Artificial Intelligence which enables computers to carry out the tasks without the human intervention. It is inspired by the biological element of the human brain i.e. Neuron. Popular deep learning algorithms includes Multi-layer perceptron (MLP), Deep Convolution Neural Networks (CNN), Recurrent Neural Networks, Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Networks, Deep Autoencoders and Boltzmann Machines (BM).Due to their flexibility and high accuracy these models gave record breaking results in the field of  image classification, text processing  and speech recognition. Every year since, deep learning has continued to get more powerful and improved models for solving problems in many different domains.

There is famous quote by Albert Einstein “if you want to know the future look at the past”. The main foundation of deep learning not new, it is about 70-80 years old. With the same thought this course is designed. Deep learning has its start way back to the 1940 when the first neural network was introduced. From that day to the present day Deep learning has faced many up and downs. But from every down it came back with the better model. In this course students will experience the colorful journey of Deep Learning.

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