The Fabulous FLEX AI Tutorial and Training


The Fabulous FLEX AI Tutorial and Training, VETERANSWERS Member.

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Exploring RUBI AI the Perfect AI Assistant and what seperates her from every other AI platform on the market. A look at the features and people who can benefit from RUBI AI. With Ruby AI , your creative boundaries are limitless. Craft content that resonates with your audience effortlessly, thanks to our user-friendly AI interface. No more staring at a blank screen – Ruby AI provides you with customizable templates and insightful suggestions that spark your creativity. And the best part? It learns from your interactions, becoming your ultimate partner in content creation. It’s like having a personal assistant with the entire internet’s knowledge at your fingertips! Over the last year and a half ChatGPT and AI have exploded on the scene and will AI will shape the future unlike anything we have seen before. While RUBI AI has similarities to ChatGPT we are totally unique animal. CHATGPT was created for natural language understanding and conversation. RUBI AI is that and so much more, it understands your brand voice and generates content with specific tones aligned with your business objectives. It has the ability to scrap the entire web to provide current insights into market trends and preferences. We are driving AI innovation transforming business with the integration of AI into brand building and experience optimization. With our initial core 3 microservices of Personify, SPI and Extract along with our newest Ghost as in ghostwriter we continue to set ourselves apart and are committed to continuing to push the envelope developing new features.

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