The Expert to Thought Leader Formula


The Expert to Thought Leader Formula, Transform your career & personal brand by becoming a thought leader, irrespective of your current profession or career.

Course Description

Would you like to become a thought leader? Someone who is looked at more than just an expert, someone that leaders listen to? How about creating a personal brand, amplifying your career, and creating more value, for others and for you? Do you know that keynote speakers can command up to $100k in just speaking fees? Do you know that famous author and thought leaders can get paid to the tune of $500,000 in just one appearance? and do you know that if you choose the path right, you can be on your way of creating similar value?

This course will help you understand the journey of becoming a thought leader and how you can speak at events like TED. Sharing my journey of becoming a keynote speaker who has spoken at more than 100 stages in the last couple of years, speaking at three TEDx stages, and hoping that many others take upon the amazing challenge of becoming a thought leader.

This course is not about structured learning or building a specific skill. Instead, it will help you understand some of the possibilities you can tap into create massive change. This course will help you rethink your career, augment your professional path, and become a thought leader.

Learn what steps you need to take and the mental, physical, and other barriers you need to cross to go from expert to a thought leader who can change the world with the willingness to share ideas.

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