The Easiest Way To Learn Chess


The Easiest Way To Learn Chess, Angelo, with 20 years coaching experience, will help you to avoid ALL the typical mistakes.

Course Description

Some say that chess is a form of art; others it’s all about science… Above all however, chess is a game. Like every other game, chess offers provides feelings of joy, fun, fair play and creativity. During these free lessons you’ll going to learn more about this amazing game!

Give me 2 hours and you will learn the key reason behind chess popularity. Then you’ll learn about the chess board and how to read it. I explain the chess movements more than 20 years, so I’m expert of that. Thus, you can lear it in a easiest way. Take advantage of my rules and tips, so you’ll remember all the moves after video’s study. Last but not least you can learn how to fight the enemy pieces and capture them.

There are many typical mistakes that people do while starting chess. Thought my training experience I notice them and now I can present them to you with confidence. Avoid the most typical mistakes in order to improve rapidly. Many other people did it, so now it’s your turn!

Why It Created?

Belive it or not the most difficult is to convince someone that chess is a great game! Help him love it even if he/she loses a game after a game… Persuade a person that turtle is “faster” than a rabbit! You need patience and a comprehensive training program for stable improvement.

Teaching chess is my profession. I had huge problems on how to train a beginner. Chess literature is not helping as the majority of educational content is for intermediate players. The last 15 years I’m developing my training program and now you can study the first part of it for free! Don’t miss this great opportunity and please subscribe to the lessons with free of charge. I’m looking forward to talk you inside the lessons.

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