The Complete Ethical Hacker Developer Course :- Introduction


The Complete Ethical Hacker Developer Course :- Introduction, Learn to Build a 21st Century Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Lab using Kali Linux.

Course Description

        In this course, you gonna learn, How to build a 21st-century Ethical hacking and penetration testing Lab using Kali Linux. This course covers all the steps to build a 21st-century Lab. This course also covers the fundamentals of Linux commands, Where you learn to manage files/folders in a Linux Environment. You also Learn to Interact with File permissions, software updates, and upgrades, and also Learn to Interact with services. In the next step you gonna Learn to Interact with command redirection operators in Linux.

In the last part, you will learn the fundamentals of the OSI Model and Networking. This course is an introduction to the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Course Contents

  • What is Hacking? Types of Hackers?
  • Introduction.
  • Downloading & Installing Virtualbox.
  • Downloading & Installing Kali Linux 2018.2 & above.
  • Downloading & Installing Windows 10.
  • Downloading & Installing Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.1.
  • Downloading & Installing Metasploitable2.
  • Linux Terminal Fundamentals – Part I
  • Linux Terminal Fundamentals – Part II
  • Linux Terminal Fundamentals – Part III
  • Linux Terminal Fundamentals – Part IV
  • Let’s understand the Fundamentals of Nano Text Editor.
  • Playing with Chaining Operators in Linux.
  • Playing with CRO in Linux.
  • Understanding Open System Interconnection Model.
  • What is Network? What is LAN / WAN / MAN? Types of IP Addresses?

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