The 8 Habits of a Highly Effective Safety Culture


The 8 Habits of a Highly Effective Safety Culture, Powerful Lessons in Human Performance.

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In this session we will learn the evolution of safety cultures going back to 1760 during the Industrial Revolution all the way to present day. Everything evolves and if we do not evolve with it, we get left behind. We can not get better by doing what we’ve been doing. Its time for a paradigm shift in how we view and do safety.

We will discuss 8 specific and transferable habits that when they become part of who you are and who your organization is your safety culture becomes just and workers are no longer seen as the problem to solve but the problem solvers.

We talk about the Human Performance Principles that are the foundation to a sustainable safety program.

  1. Safety is not defined by the absence of accidents, but by the presence of capacity.
  2. We don’t constrain workers in order to create safety, we ask workers what they need to do work safety, reliably, and productively.
  3. Safety doesn’t prevent bad things from happening, safety ensures good things happen while workers do work in complex and adaptive work environments.
  4. How to create an environment where it is safe for employees to fail.

In order to be completely transparent and allow everyone to begin this journey on the same page, I’d like to give my definition of a safety culture.

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