Thai Language Quick Start Guide for Tourist and Travellers


Thai Language Quick Start Guide for Tourist and Travellers, This Thai Language Course for Tourist and Travellers will teach you the Complete Basics of Speaking Thai in Thailand.

Course Description

Do you want to be able to speak a few key words and phrases during your trip in Thailand?

If so, then this is the course for you!

Many language courses can take a lot of to go through and wouldn’t it be great to just learn some key words and phrases for you trip?!

This is why we made this Thai Language essential course for tourist and travellers, so you can learn the essentials of Thai Language as quick as possible.

This course is perfect for anyone who’s travelling in Thailand or for anyone who wants to visit Thailand and wants to just learn the core essentials.

What Will You Learn in this Course?

In this course, you will learn keywords and phrases for your trip, including:

  • Basic Greetings
  • Ordering Food and Drinks
  • Learn About Thai Fruits and Desserts
  • Learn the Names of Popular Thai Dishes
  • Directions to help with Ordering a Taxi
  • Thai Currency
  • Number and Counting
  • Learn Some Useful Words and Phrases about Buying things at the Market
  • Learn Useful Words for Buying Medicine at the Pharmacy
  • Learn about Thai culture and What not to do When you are in Thailand

There’s also a downloadable PDF book included in this course, which you can download and put on your phone or print out to use when you are in Thailand.

So, make sure you enroll if you want a course to help you learn the very basics of Thai language as fast as possible.

Join me in this course and let’s learn Thai together.

Thai Made Simple

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