Test Automation – Zombies vs Professionals


Test Automation – Zombies vs Professionals, In this course I will use Playwright as a tool to teach important test automation concepts.

Course Description

Why did I develop this course?

In my career, I have been exposed to many test automation engineers. One thing that stood out for me, is that most don’t get the objective of test automation. They are too focused on the tool, to the point where they work in their own silo, in isolation.

Even though there is a place for the odd zombie automation engineer, we need more professionals. Professionals that understand the big picture and also the finer details (T-shaped skills).

What is covered?

This course covers a real world example of how to approach test automation and the concepts that is required to become a Professional, and NOT a Zombie.

It includes a cloud hosted application to practice against.

This course compares the good (Professionals) with the not so good (Zombies).

The course is short by design and intended to be fun. It also includes the scripts that I use in my examples. This is not a Playwright course by design. Playwright is used because I wanted to try a different tool and I had fun using it.

You are NOT going to watch me code!  Your are rather going to see what was coded, and listen to my explain why it was done in that way.

How to follow along?

Watch all lessons in the order they have been published. We will start with some theory and then move into the practical side of things. Execute the example scripts yourself, and make small changes to see the effect. Add additional assertions yourself and test them.

Spend time understanding the concepts that I explain.

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