Speak up! Learn essential public speaking skills


Speak up! Learn essential public speaking skills, Public speaking for every occasion.

Course Description

Whether you are preparing for a presentation at work, at university or you want to gain confidence in a public or social setting, this course will be of benefit to you.

In this course, we will review various methods that you can implement in all types of public speaking. Post-pandemic, a lot of our interactions, including our professional ones, are carried out via webinars or other types of virtual settings. This course will therefore also address applying these skills in this new context.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to set-up your environment/workstation.
  • How to create an outline.
  • How to make a presentation engaging.
  • How to rehearse properly.
  • How to deal with the stress.
  • How to improvise.

I’ve also included a bonus lesson which may be beneficial to some of you in considering what changes you can make when you are delivering a presentation in a language you are less comfortable with (i.e. not your mother tongue).

Each lesson has been recorded unedited and in 1 take. I wanted to give you an idea of what is possible when the principles in these lessons are applied in the context of a live presentation.

Worksheets are included in this course to help you to put into practice what you will learn straight away.

Let’s speak up!

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