Speak Ukrainian: How To Talk About Your Family And Friends


Speak Ukrainian: How To Talk About Your Family And Friends, Let’s learn to tell the basics about your close ones..

Course Description

If you want to be able to say, ‘I can tell you about my family and friends in Ukrainian! May I show you their photos?’, then this course is for you. In a series of videos, I will teach you all the basic grammar and keywords that you need for this. And we will not stop here: I will show you how to use it as building blocks and create your own stories. This course is almost equal to having two or three 60-min lessons with a teacher, and it is for complete beginners. As a delicious treat, you will get downloadable PDFs to revise every single bit of what we have learned. Are you ready to get your first Ukrainian speaking and reading skills? Then see you at the course!

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