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Solidworks START, Easy tò complicate.

Course Description

With this Solidworks Simply course you will learn the multiple functions of the tool necessary to manage complex mechanical system projects with maximum simplicity thanks to the ease of use that distinguishes this software.

During the course you will learn to

create parametric three-dimensional solid models,assemble complex models until the final drawing complete with dimensions, exploded assembly views, symbols and enlarged details.

The notions you will learn will allow you to work independently, speeding up the design phase. This is also thanks to the numerous CAD libraries available on Solidworks(ex. Piping) .

Your work will be better and optimized.

The laboratory phase of the course will allow you to immediately put into practice what you have learned through real projects such as the creation of a box with two shafts and two gears and the creation of parts, assembly and drafting technical drawings.


1. Define and explain benefits of parametric design theory.

2. Demonstrate effective project file management.

3. Create feature-based parametric parts using basic and advanced modeling techniques.

4. Manage and constrain parts and toolbox content in sub-assemblies and assemblies.

5. Manage part, sub-assembly and assembly properties and relationships.

6. Create exploded configurations and animations of sub-assemblies and assemblies.

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