Soft Skills for Career Development


Soft Skills for Career Development, Land your dream job by training the right Soft Skills.

Course Description

Soft skills are those skills that get you hired, keep you focused, and help you survive and integrate into a community. We are all working on improving them even without thinking about it. Imagine how far you can get once you realize what you are doing and put together a plan to do it consciously.

You should take it as a guide meant to help you understand what soft skills are and what skills you need to improve so you can reach the lifestyle you are dreaming about. It is not an in-depth training program, it simply points you in the right direction. This course follows a similar structure for all 15 soft skills: definition, characteristics, the advantages, or the importance of each skill, and ways to improve.

You will learn:

  • what does it mean to be a professional and to respect business etiquette,
  • how to identify types of communication, communicate assertively, and improve your interpersonal communication and storytelling skill;
  • how to become self-confident, improve your empathy, likability and boost your enthusiasm;
  • how to develop a growth mindset, become open-minded, and boost your creativity;
  • how to improve your adaptability, become more resilient, and develop cultural awareness.

The course is suitable for people who want to understand the importance of soft skills and change their lifestyle by training those skills, but don’t know where to start. This course is for you if you want to impress during a job interview and get hired or boost your adaptability in your working place.

This course is not for you if:

  • you are a successful person who is not looking to change your life;
  • you have studied psychology and you already possess an advanced understanding of the subject;
  • you are a professional, working in marketing, very confident, open-minded, adaptive to changes, who believe in continuous personal growth, with a high level of creativity and cultural awareness;

I’ve put up some practical exercises that you can find as Resources for the Communication Lecture. If you consider them interesting and useful leave a comment and I will add more…

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