Social Media Marketing 101


Social Media Marketing 101, In our course, you will learn methods for audience growth in popular social media platforms.

Course Description

Social Media Marketing refers to launching advertisement campaigns on Social Media platforms where you can effectively reach more than millions of people. On many social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Meta you can use advertise with various ad campaign ads and reach your target audience.

In our increasingly digitalized world, social media platforms have grown at an exponential rate. Nowadays it is estimated that more than half of the world uses one social media platform out of many.  As a natural consequence of this technological advancement, the marketing industry is shifting its attention to where it can achieve greater success. In parallel to this growth, more and more marketers, as well as normal people, seek to advertise on Social Media where they think they can achieve much better results.

With our Social Media Marketing Course, we provide you with the necessary information about popular social media platforms, and how to efficiently advertise on them, in addition to social media analytics tools. By the end of this completely free course, you will get to know which social media platform may be the most suitable one for your marketing campaign and methods to measure your advertising campaign’s success.

In this course, You will learn;

  • What is social media marketing?
  • Benefits of social media marketing
  • What is social media management?
  • Social media marketing tips
  • How to increase social shares
  • Social media analytics tools

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