SOCIAL MEDIA Essentials, A quick lesson on Social Media Essentials. How to understand the essence of it, no matter the platform!

It is a quick presentation I initially did in ALBANIAN for workshop training. I also delivered it as a presentation to a private audience, and then after translating it, I decided to make it a course and give it here for FREE.

It is a crash course for someone who wants to understand Social Media Essentials, and I also recommend my 1st-course Essentials of MARKETING since they complement each other quite well!

We discuss what it is and how I understand Social Media. Since the initial audience had little (almost none) knowledge of marketing and social media, I tried to simplify the concepts as much as possible.

What are the first initial strategic steps that we should take?

How do we define our audience?

On what platform should we start our social media presence?

What type of calendar should we do? How do we create a social media calendar?

How do we create effective content, and how do we recycle the content that we already have?

What is organic and what is paid content? What is the difference? When should we start spending?

What should we measure in our campaigns?

And much more! Consider this a small initial talk between us and a quick introduction to social media essentials.

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