SOC 2: Everything You Need to Get a SOC 2 Report


SOC 2: Everything You Need to Get a SOC 2 Report, A simple and comprehensive 1-hour guide to SOC 2 that will help you become an expert.

Course Description

Are you helping your organization get a SOC 2 report? Do you want to get up to speed fast? Well this is the perfect course to get started!

Course Outline:

  1. Background and Context on SOC 2All the important background information on SOC 2 so you have all the context you need.
  2. The 4-Step Process to Get a ReportThe simple 4-step process all organizations follow to achieve SOC 2 compliance.
  3. Timeline, effort, and costsWe will cover a typical timeline to achieve SOC 2, how much effort it will take your internal team, who needs to be involved, and how much an audit costs.
  4. What to expect during a SOC 2 auditWe will tell you exactly what to expect from an auditor during a SOC 2 audit. You will walk away with more confidence with how to prepare and what the audit will feel like.
  5. Top 10 commonly asked questionsWe will cover common questions like which policies you need, what to do if you are in the cloud, what to do if you outsource key functions, if you also do other frameworks like ISO 27001, and a lot more.
  6. Free Resources and TemplatesWe will point you to some great resources to get started today.

These Are Lessons Learned from Doing 100s of SOC 2 Reports! 

We have helped hundreds of organizations achieve SOC 2 compliance. So everything covered in this course is pulled from real world lessons learned as an auditor and as someone who has built many SOC 2 programs. We will provide an insiders perspective on exactly what you need to know to get a SOC 2 report and make your company successful.

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